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Yesterday's Cash, Today's Crypto
What is Argead?

Argead is the result of our joint efforts to develop an innovative and globally accessible coin that can serve as a good alternative to other coins in the market. Argead is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that allows instant payments around the world.

The network’s Scrypt PoW mining algorithm allows for a significantly increased block target speed of thirty seconds, giving it a higher capacity than Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin combined. This allows a higher volume of transactions and faster confirmation times, making it easier and more convenient for buyers and sellers alike to control their finances.

The Argead coin's decentralised encryption technology ensures a safe and secure wallet, using the same features as its counterpart, Bitcoin. This protects it against fraud, chargebacks, seize funds, viruses and Trojans.

The Argead coin provides mining rewards at ten per block and boasts its own complete genesis block. Due to having faster blocks, the Argead generation is scheduled to halve every 1 250 000. The Tenebrix’s Scrypt Proof of Work means that Argead can be mined simultaneously with Bitcoin. With foresight into the coin's continued success and longevity, ten per cent of coins have been pre-mined. The purpose of this is to foster the expansion of the Argead coin into functional industry and market applications. Exciting new partnerships and ventures await!

What is argead?
Coin Specifications
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Argead project offical launch

Exchange listing, marketing, early coin adoption and mining

Launch Argead app with

integrated coin payment system

Further development of coin integration as payment module

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Argead AGD listing Vindax
Argead AGD listing
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